Terms & Conditions

Once your product arrives

  1. We ask that the customer to please inspect the goods on delivery and ensure that the product is 100%, if by the off chance there is an issue we ask that you must notify Ada and Mary within 24 hours of accepting the delivery.  We request that this is accompanied with photographs.
  2. If the Customer fails to advise Ada and Mary within 24hrs, the customer is deemed to have accepted the goods and that they are not faulty and accord to the customer’s order.
  3. Ada and Mary does not offer an ongoing warranty once the pots are installed. This is due to the nature of the pots and the exposure to the elements, plants, soil and water.
  4. Fit for purpose means that the pots are fit to do the job, i.e. Hold soil for a plant. A pot is still fit for purpose if it has natural deterioration or discolouration due to its use as garden pot.
  5. Ada and Mary does not accept returns, exchanges or provide refunds because the customer changed their mind, however we are always happy to work with our customer to find a solution that works for both parties
  6. Full refunds including shipping costs will be available in the instance of a major fault/defect as per Australian Consumer Law.

Natural Variations in Goods

Ada and Mary source pots from a number of suppliers.  These pots are hand made and hand painted. As with all handmade products differences in shade tone, markings, veining, colour, size, texture, indentations and general appearance may occur.

Ada and Mary plants are sourced from reputable local growers.  The plants are healthy and have no infestations from beasties and nasties.  The plants shown in the photographs are a true representation of the product being sold, measurements supplied are as close to spot on as they can be.  Plants are an organic product so there may be a very slight difference in appearance and size in each of the plants. However we work closely with the growers to supply as close to size and appearance as we can.

All prices are in Australian dollars.

If you wish to query a delivery please contact us at hello@adaandmary.com.au

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