How it all started.

I had the top jobs, I'd owned my own business for 10 years which I used to get up at 430am every morning and work a 16 hour day.... I did that for 10 years, phew i get exhausted now just thinking about it.  But hey I loved it for as long as I did.  I met some super awesome people and learnt so much about business.  Unfortunately I got so burnt out that I lost the love and sold the business.  I think I lay down for about 6 months lol.

I really didn't know what was next but while I searched for another business I found some much needed peace and quiet in my garden, I've always been an avid gardener.  My neighbour asked me if i could put a bit of love into her space which i was delighted to do.  Then another couple of neighbours paid me to do some maintenance at theirs.  Another friend took me out for breakfast  and he asked me to makeover his courtyard, which was so much fun.  He was so happy with it he asked me to do his other garden area too.  And that was it, I thought "I reckon I could do this for a living"  And that was how it all stated.  And the name;  well that was my Grandma and Nanna, they taught me right from wrong.  They taught me you are never wrong to do the right thing (I think Mark Twain met my Grandmas)   And always plant pansies at the front door, why? because "pansies are for thought".  And you need to be reminded of that daily.






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