Can you message me when you are on your way so I don’t miss my delivery?

Absolutely, yes we can. We prefer not to leave your new addition unattended on the door step, however if you won't be home you can let us know where you'd like us to leave your lovely plant.

I would like to restyle my courtyard and I don’t know where to start or which plants would suit, can you help me please?

Absolutely, yes we can. Make an appointment and Carron will come to your home to assist with planning and installing.   

Will you be including more suppliers and lines in the future?

Absolutely, we will be. We are busy sourcing exciting new products… shhh we can’t say anymore right now!

Please can you help me to source that extra special one of a kind planter - I would like something nobody else has?

Absolutely, we can. At Ada and Mary we pride ourselves on offering bespoke plant and pot combinations you won't find anywhere else. If you don't see what you're looking for on the website, just ask!

I would like to put together a wedding registry with Ada and Mary, is this something you can assist me with please?

Absolutely, we can. We will put a package together for you, one less thing for you to worry about so that you can concentrate on your special day.

I am a plant novice, how do I look after my new purchase?

Don’t be frightened! Check out the plant section on the webpage, we've got all the instructions to help you take care of your new addition. Also, keep an eye on the news section for extra helpful information.

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